Our Story

Who We Are

The Liora Project was created as a means to help empower and create well-being into communities, especially women and children who have suffered at the hands of human trafficking and/or were born into abject poverty.

The Liora Project provides support, training, employment and empowering tools to survivors of human trafficking and people in need to live freely and independently.

How It all began

The Liora Project was founded in Sydney, Australia after two friends travelled to India. Touched by the poverty and hopelessness in some communities, the two friends brainstormed to create a sustainable, socially conscious enterprise that would provide education and training in a safe environment.

It was just an idea, that took shape, grew legs and ran like the wind…

With a limited budget, a few contacts, friends and family who helped and most importantly – a ‘go for it’ attitude, the two embarked on a life changing experience.

Asian woman's hand sewing.

Give the gift of freedom & transform someones life

We connect with local communities

We connect with local communities in disadvantaged areas to find those who are enslaved and those society has disenfranchised and marginalised by providing support, training and empowering them for a hopeful future.

We Provide Help

We provide help for women who have come out of human trafficking through access to medical services, paying travel costs for those able to reunite with their families and giving opportunities for training and employment in our sewing centres. Our fair wage policy results in mothers feeding their families and sending their children to school. Our sewing centres have been set up to give the women a sense of ownership and self-determination.

By partnering with local groups

By partnering with local groups, we have supported feeding programs in poorer areas. Through our life and business skills programs, youth are now able to provide for themselves.

Our Goals for The Future

Overseas; our plan is to establish more self-sustaining enterprises, where women are given the opportunity to be wealth creators for their families and communities. We want to help improve their environment by making housing, education and day-care available.

Sydney, Australia; here we are in our foundational stage. We hope to work with underprivileged youth who have been marginalised through socio-economic status, cultural or religious background, lack of skills or education. Programs will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

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The Liora Project is a Not for Profit charity. We are a public benevolent institution registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC).

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

The Liora Project board ensures that the mission of The Liora Project is upheld in a lawful and ethical manner.

All profits from the sales of Spirited Clothes help fund our programs.

Spirited Clothes is our social and ethical fashion brand

Our products are hand made with love,

one piece at a time by the women in our centres