This was their heart,

to bring ‘light’ to those who are suffering in the darkest of places.

‘Liora’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘Light’

An estimated 40.3 million victims are trapped in modern-day slavery

Our mission is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER those who are trapped in slavery or abject poverty

The Liora Project was created as a means to help empower and create well-being into communities, especially women and children who have suffered at the hands of human trafficking and/or were born into abject poverty.

The Liora Project provides support, training, employment and empowering tools to survivors of human trafficking and people in need to live freely and independently.


It takes very little for a woman to regain her dignity and humanity

If we educate and empower one woman,

we can affect change in a whole community for generations to come

We connect with local communities

We connect with local communities in disadvantaged areas to find those who are enslaved and those society has disenfranchised and marginalised...

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We provide help

We provide help or women who have come out of human trafficking through access to medical services, paying travel costs for those able to reunite...

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partnering with local groups

By partnering with local groups, we have supported feeding programs in poorer areas. Through our life and business skills

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Spirited Clothes is our social and ethical fashion brand

Our products are hand made with love,

one piece at a time by the women in our centres.